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diffusion studio explores areas and connections between architecture, urbanism, art, media, information and graphical systems, altering and designing both the actual and the virtual.
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Fresh! Mapping Japan’s earthquake

Some nice and quite informative visualizations of Japan’s earthquake and its aftermath, surfacing already. Also, seeĀ a number of comparisons to put everything into perspective.

NY Times:

Washington Post:

BBC - video map:

Great ways of giving all those screaming headlines and imagery a bit actual context.

City Forward - some urban data to play with 

cityforward.org - City Forward project by IBM compiles several official databases for selected major global cities around the world. An ultimate depository of urban data to explore, visualize and compare. Well, that’s the concept. I have tried to squeeze something meaningful and visually attractive from it, and failed. Interface still far from working smoothly and the visualisation tools are pretty basic. A good starting point, though. We’ll see how it develops.

Diffusing ideas even further

Diffusion Studio has open a new channel to diffuse interesting content even further and wider. Keep your brains open and enjoy.

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